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  Mechanical Testing


The terminal strength test is used to performed to determine whether the design of electrical terminals and their method of attachment can withstand mechanical stresses to which they will be subjected during installation or disassembly in equipment. These stresses must be withstood by the component without sustaining damage which would affect either the integrity of the terminals or the operation of the component part itself. Procedures are established in this method for testing, for example wire-lead terminals, flexible-flat-strip or tab-lead terminals, and rigid-type terminals which are threaded or have other arrangements for attaching conductors. The forces applied during the test consist of direct axial, radial or tension pulls, twist, bending torsion, and the torque exerted by the application of nuts or screws on threaded terminals.

Terminal strength testing is specified in the following:

MIL-T-27, MIL-STD-202, MIL-STD-454, MIL-STD-750, MIL-S-3928, MIL-S-8805, MIL-C-11015, MIL-C-11693, MIL-I-11804, MIL-C-12889, MIL-R-12934, MIL-C-13486, MIL-C-15305, MIL-F-15733, MIL-E-16400, MIL-F-18327, MIL-R-18546, MIL-R-19648, UL-606



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