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Mission Statement

Aero Nav Laboratories Inc. is committed to supplying high-quality testing services, including environmental, functional, and developmental testing to industry, the military, and the government. The services will be performed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, the laboratory will provide technical support throughout the test programs from initial planning to completion.

 Aero Nav Laboratories Inc. takes great pride in the numerous projects that it has performed over many decades for industry and the military. Of particular merit is the contribution that the lab has made to the military preparedness of the United States armed forces.

We bring this pride to all the projects that we perform for our many customers.

About Aero Nav Labs

AERO NAV LABORATORIES originally located in College Point, NY, and re-located to Deer Park, Long Island, NY in 2017, has served the military and industrial communities in the area of environmental simulation testing since 1974. During this timeframe the laboratory has accumulated a significant base of testing experience and capability. The laboratory performs a wide variety of tests such as shock, vibration, salt spray, explosion, fire resistance, etc.

The tests are conducted in accordance with various military, commercial automotive, transportation, marine, aerospace and medical specifications.

The laboratory offers additional services to its customers such as functional and developmental testing as well as engineering technical support. The technical support includes analyses, test program design and review of test results.

AERO NAV LABORATORIES also provides contract manufacturing & engineering services such as failure investigations, metallurgical analyses, and various analytical services.

ANL Deer Park Testing Facility

Problems We Solve

We address our customers' specialized and/or unique testing needs in a professional, cost-effective manner. Our engineering staff can tackle complex issues and develop the means to perform the required tests, based on over 40 years of experience.




















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